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The Angel Aura
Shunanda Scott

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Your sacred light community.

Shunanda Scott:

Shunanda Scott is an Angel Medium, Ascension Guide, and mother of three. Shunanda began working with the Angels in 2010 after the birth of her second child triggered an overnight spiritual awakening. Shunanda now shares the new messages from the Angels as a powerful support for the accelerating ascension process. It’s Shunanda’s personal mission to guide lightworkers to recall their mission with the assistance of the Angels. Shunanda believes that everyone can learn how to work with the Angels, and that there has never been a more important time to call on their loving guidance and support.

The Angel Aura:

The Angel Aura is your sacred light community to support you on your ascension journey. Receive weekly written Angel Transmissions, and experience monthly powerful live Angel transmissions. Learn and explore on your ascension to light with the support of your fellow Light Workers, the support of the Archangels, and your ascension guide, Angel Medium Shunanda Scott.

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